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BulzEyePro ® Patent-Pending
Marksman Positioning Device

Whatever parallax is in your sight... it will always remain the same!
(Remember - parallax is a minute of angle issue.)

Parallax Killer ring that attaches to optical boosters.

(above) Patent-pending Marksman Positioning Device ™ ring on packing card. (Coin shown for scale.)

Marksman Positioning Device

A Marksman Positioning Device for BulzEyePro® Optical Boosters "Parallax Killer "

Patent-pending Marksman Positioning Device BulzEyePro "Parallax Killer ™" is a simple vellum ring with a 1/4-inch hole that you moisten and attach to our Optical Booster.

Once installed, all you have to do is center the cross hairs into the 1/4-inch circle. (It is easy to center the crosshairs in a 1/4-inch circle, but nearly impossible to center your eye in a 1-1/2-inch circle.) This will guarantee that your eye is always in the same place in your eyepiece, hence the "Marksman Positioning Device ™". Then whatever parallax is in your sight, it will always be the same. (So instead of adjusting your scope for zero parallax, you focus it for the clearest target, then zero your scope at that distance.)

If you zero your scope at one distance while using this technique, and your gun is capable, and conditions stay the same, the projectile will always land in the same hole at that distance.

We have sent out over 2,000 of these and the feedback is 100% positive! We have decided to offer these now to all shooters and are now in the process of incorporating this same technique into our lenses, which should be ready for sale in 2018. While supplies last, you will get one Marksman Positioning Device FREE with purchase of every BulzEyePro® Optical Booster.

Installation instructions:

  1. Gently peel the Marksman Positioning Device ring from its white packing card.
  2. Moisten one side of the ring with water.
  3. Place the moistened ring onto the OUTSIDE center of a BulzEyePro® Optical Booster lens. (The ring is the only thing that creates a blur, because it is the only thing that goes on your lens. We say "blur" because your eye cannot focus on the ring being so close, but the blur is distinct and works very well.)

Always think SAFETY... treat every firearm as if it is loaded - with the safety off... know your target... aim well... enjoy your outing.

BulzEyePro ® Marksman Positioning Device

Marksman Positioning Device
PACKAGE OF 2 for $10.00*
*If purchased with the order of any Optical Booster,
you will receive a $5.00 refund after ordering.
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