What is presbyopia?

By the time most people reach their 40s, the natural process of aging begins to affect their vision. The crystalline lens is what allows the eye to focus. As we age, our crystalline lens thickens and progressively loses its flexibility to the point where we have trouble focusing on near points. This is known as presbyopia. Nobody escapes it – men and women, people who already wear glasses and those who don’t. Our vision will diminish, then stabilize around 60 years old. This is natural.

Seeing naturally with presbyopia.

BulzEyePro utilizes the latest advances in technology to maintain natural eye movement in a lens that is indistinguishable from single-vision lenses. Now you can see as well as you did before presbyopia. This is just one of the many issues that are addressed by the BulzEyePro® Optical Booster.

How do I know I have Presbyopia?

When you start having difficulty focusing on near points.
For many people, signs include difficulty reading in low light environments (such as restaurants) or having to hold a book or newspaper at arms length in order to read the text. Presbyopia is not a visual defect, but rather a natural aging of your eyes.

How do I correct presbyopia?

The only solution is the use of lenses that increase the ability of the eye to focus. Bear in mind that as your presbyopia evolves, you need to check the eye piece placement on your rifle scope every 2 years. The many other issues like parallax, target movement from mirage, light gathering and placement, high performance prisms, wayfaring and sandwiching, and a number of others will not require any further adjustment as long as you have adjusted your eye piece and parallax/focus for a clear, crisp reticule and picture every year or two.

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