BulzEyePro ® All-Winners Circle

Champion Shooters Using the BulzEyePro® Optical Booster

We congratulate the champion shooters on this page who are all using the BulzEyePro® Optical Booster™. If you've won a championship competition using a BulzEyePro® Optical Booster™, please contact us to be included on this page.

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Congratulations, Geoff Knight
Continuing to win
with BulzEyePro® in Australia!

Due to my eyesight deteriorating, I bought a BulzeyePro® Optical Booster™ in the hope it would make my targets clearer. I had no idea how much difference it would make to not only my vision but also to my scores. It has been amazing. The booster basically eliminates mirage and enhances my telescopic sight, increasing the power by about 30%.This makes my aim point and hold off points much more precise and accurate. This massive improvement has enabled me to win 8 gold medals in major competitions as well as achieving 8 silver medals and 6 bronze medals in the last year. I was chosen as a member of the Australian Benchrest team to compete at the World Championships August, 2011 placing 9th in the two gun aggregate. I have also won the NSWSARAI 50 m Benchrest Championship and was just beaten by the smallest margin to run second in the NSW SSAA Benchrest titles. I love my BulzeyePro® Optical Booster™ and wouldn’t shoot without it now. It gives me great confidence."

--- Geoff Knight, Australia

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Congratulations, Carl Boswell
Continuing to win
with BulzEyePro® in the UK!

A quick update commenting on your Optical Boosters, they continue to work a treat. So moving on from the national win in 2009, in 2010 I won the European Rimfire Benchrest Champion Title (HV 50m and 25 m) and I won the European Air Rifle Benchrest Champion Title in the same week. I use an Optical Booster on the two Leupold scopes I use."
--- Carl Boswell, UK

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Congratulations, Team Savage
Takes national title,
breaks 1,000-yard record

John Weil (left) used a BulzEyePro® booster when the team took the 2010 F T/R National Championship team competition. They won both the 600 and 1,000-yard events, and establishing an new 1,000-yard record of 778-21X.

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Congratulations, Samual Hall
IBS 600-Yard 'Shooter of the Year' 2009

I bought two of your Optical Boosters in 3x and 4x last year. I used them in IBS 600-yard competition all year. I believe they helped me win the IBS 600-Yard "Shooter of the Year" in 2009. I shot the 3x on my March 10-60 power scopes, switching the 3x booster between my Light Gun (a 17 pound 6mm Dasher pictured here) and my Heavy Gun (a 61 pound 6mm Dasher pictured here). On clear mornings I could turn the power all he way up to 60x on the Marches. With the 3x booster it increased the power to 78x. I could see 6mm bullet holes with no problem. One morning, we had a good laugh, because I could actually see a fly crawling around on my target before the relay started. In July of 2009 I set the IBS 600 Yard Heavy Gun Score Aggregate World Record with your booster on my March 10-60x. I shot a 197 score out of a possible 200. This is the highest score to date in either Heavy or Light class. The boost makes the scopes have just enough boost to make it ideal for 600-yard competition in my opinion, as I like to have at least 40x. One other thing I like about the boosters I have not heard anyone say is: they widen the sight picture when looking in the scope. Some scopes, even some expensive ones, have a sight picture that appears like you are looking through a distant narrow tube. The BulzEyePro® booster brings the sight picture closer to your eye. This wide sight picture appears more like a wide field of view spotting scope instead of a view through a narrow tube. The boosters wide sight picture helps me concentrate on the wind flags and mirage far better. Your boosters are an excellent piece of glass and an extremely good product in my book."

2008 and 2009 IBS 600-Yard "Shooter of the Year"
2008 and 2009 IBS 600-Yard Nationals Champion
Holder of 9 IBS 600-Yard World Records

--- Samual Hall, USA

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Congratulations, John Weil
5 gold medals in England and Ireland!

Just to let you know that I used the BulzEyePro® booster that I bought from you at the Nationals in Lodi and used it at the F-Class World Championships in Bisley England and believe that it was instrumental in helping me win 5 Gold Medals while there and in Ireland."

Gold at the Duke of Cambridge (900-yard match) F-T/R
Gold at World Individual 900-Yard (day 2) F-T/R
Gold at World Individual 900-Yard Aggregate Match F-T/R
Gold at World F-T/R Team Match

Ireland: Gold - Bog Oak Team Trophy

--- John Weil, USA

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Congratulations, Carl Boswell
2009 UK Rimfire Nationals

Just thought I would drop you a line saying the optical boosters worked a treat. I just won the UK Rimfire Nationals (50-Metre LV Gold, Unlimited 50-Metre Gold, and Aggregate Cup) and got a gold in the air rifle class, too.

The first photo is of me and Colin Renwick, the national champ overall for air rifle. Colin is the other guy who bought your booster for his Weaver scope."

--- Carl Boswell, UK