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Use the method below to discover which number booster is best for you.

If your glasses are to help you see far away (3 feet to infinity), perform the test below with and without your glasses on. Your results should be the same for both tests. If the results are different, your glasses are creating parallax and for this we recommend shooting without your glasses when sighting through the scope.

If your glasses are to help you see close up (zero to 3 feet), take the test below without your glasses on and select the booster determined by the test results. We recommend that you do NOT wear your glasses when sighting and shooting through the scope..

If you absolutely must wear glasses when shooting, take the test below while wearing your glasses and select the booster determined by the test results.

Remember, when your adjustment falls on the cuspid of the change of one number to the next ALWAYS go with the smaller number. These boosters are extremely effective for older eyes and people who have near-vision problems.

We want you to be happy with your BulzEyePro® Optical Booster purchase. Please read the information below and contact us using the form below if you have any questions. (Handgun scope boosters will decrease eye relief. The higher the number, the more the decrease.) Anyone interested in handgun scopes should use the booster recommendation inquiry form below before ordering.

how to choose an optical booster

Scope Eyepiece Test (see diagram above)

1. Turn your scope's lock ring and eyepiece all the way forward (clockwise).

2. Now turn the eyepiece all the way back (counterclockwise) all the way out to the stop. This demonstrates the full range of motion, from all the way in to all the way out.

3. Measure your full range of motion. This is the distance from all the way in to all the way out, or the distance between the eyepiece and lock ring.

4. Pointing scope to the sky, look into your scope (do not look through a window or screen) adjust your eyepiece for a clear, crisp, black crosshair.

5. Determine where your eyepiece adjustment falls within the total range of adjustment.

If your clear picture and crosshair are in the FORWARD 1/2 of adjustment:
In the front 1/4 a 2.5C Optical Booster is best, and for the rest a 3C Optical Booster is best.

If your clear picture and crosshair are in the FIRST 1/2 OF THE REAR HALF of adjustment, a 3.5C Optical Booster is best.

If your clear picture and crosshair are in the LAST 1/2 OF THE REAR HALF of adjustment, a 4C Optical Booster is best.

When on the start of the next size always go with the smaller number.

Still Not Sure Which Optical Booster is Right for Your Eyes?

Please contact us and someone will assist you to determine which booster is right for you.

Call us at 207-626-0000 and leave a message with your name, your phone number, where you live in the world (time zone), and a good time to call. Someone will return your call. You may also use the email contact form below.

Considering a Gift Purchase?

If this is a gift, please contact us for a recommendation.

We Now Have Boosters for Everyone!

Our boosters were initially designed for people over the age of 50 and for younger people with imperfect near-vision (4-18” sight range). Using our latest technology (5th generation), we now have designed boosters that will work for everyone! For the correct booster for you, be sure to take the test above.

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Profits from BulzEyePro® products are donated to Camp Stand Down Lives, Inc., a U.S. veteran's service organization dedicated to giving veterans a "hand up", not a handout. Learn more about Camp Stand Down or make a donation.

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