Customer comments about the BulzEyePro® Optical Boosters

  • "Bought your 3x lens some time back for my Weaver T36 which worked perfectly. I later upgraded my scope to a March scope that has up to 55x. Initially didn't try and see if it would swap across then when trying to move away from using glasses at the bench. I was so pleased to find that the lens fitted to the March. At max power there was great value adding crispness to both the reticule and target. The increased magnification was just another bonus like not having to wear glasses at the bench. Terrific product and awsome value."
    --- David G., Victoria, Australia
  • Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club Benchrest Competition winners(above) Winners of the 2020 Benchrest Competition
    View scores of the ABRA Match August 2020

    "We had what might be referred to as a record-setting day with many of our shooters bringing their A-game with them. Out of our eleven shooters, we had six perfect scores of 200, three of 199, and four of 198. Bert Williams was on an unbelievable hot streak enroute to posting a trio of perfect 200 scores. Hot on his heels with three scores of 200, 200 and 199 was Ron Parker. And Dicky Pustejovsky's daughter, Rian Sikes, attended her first match in three years and also turned in a perfect 200 score while posting a third place finish."
    -- James Livingston, Texas, USA

    "Recently, I shot a perfect 600 score at the Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club competition. I could not have shot so well without my BulzEyePro. Thanks for such a great product."
    --- Dr. L. Bert Williams, Texas, USA
  • BulzeyePro Universal Booster on night scope(above) SightMark night scope with BulzEyePro Military-style Universal Housing

    "I got the boosters today opened the M-series (Military-style) and it fits nicely on the actual adjuster ring. Focuses very good. Good eye relief also. ... Thanks for all the help. Here's some pictures of how it fits."
    -- Mike Sonnamaker, Texas, USA
  • BulzEyePro Optical BoosterMarksman Positioning Device on scope"The BulzEyePro® Optical Booster with the BulzEyePro Marksman Positioning Device "Parallax Killer" cleared up the crosshairs and X-ring nicely at the Holbrook Sportsmen's Club Indoor Airgun Benchrest competition."

    MY RESULTS Jan 06, 2018:
    HV Class: 250 13x, 250 17x, 250 19x, 750 49x
    --- Mark M., Massachusetts, USA
  • Nightforce scope with BulzEyePro Optical BoosterGOB Open PFT scores "For the last quarter-century I've sold mounts that allow the scoping of several otherwise unscopeable vintage Crosman airguns capable of performance beyond most folks' imagination. So when I resurrected air pistol field target competition in the U.S. after a thirty year dormancy, I converted a 1960s vintage Crosman 187 Co2 rifle into a field target competition air pistol. Unfortunately, my mounts accomodate no larger scope objective than 33 mm, so I was somewhat handicapped by using a 3-9X magnification scope in a competition that allows scopes up to 12X maximum (which range-find better than less magnification). That's when I discovered the Bulzeye Pro Optical Booster and ordered a 3X version that theoretically brought my 3-9X scope up to 11.7X magnification and (hopefully) reducing my handicap.

    Upon winning my first State Champion title with the BulzEyePro Optical Booster, I protested my own equipment in order to test the field target governing body's reaction to optical attachments that could possibly be used to circumvent magnification limits. When they ruled in favor of letting my championship stand, I immediately forfeited the title to make a point about rules and enforcement that went completely unrecognized by The Powers That Be.

    Unfettered by any questions as to their legality in field target competition, I’ve since captured three (other) State Champion and three National Champion titles with the help of the BulzEyePro Optical Booster. Thank you BulzEyePro for helping me realize my dream of consistently besting national caliber shooters employing the finest air pistols and 12X scopes available... with my half-century-old Crosman... of my own rifle-to-pistol conversion!

    BTW and FYI- don’t try this at home, kids. Converting a FIREARM rifle to pistol configuration is a federal offense!"
    --- Ron Robinson, USA
  • "I managed 8 X-Rings at 1000 yards in 30 shots in my first outing. Hopefully, I will get a screamer the next time out. There is no doubt the Optical Booster worked for me. I will recomend them to everyone that I know."
    --- P.J. Feeney, New Jersey, USA
  • "Absolutely, bar none, the BEST, most EXCEPTIONAL customer service I have EVER received! These folks really care about your satisfaction, not just taking your money. You WILL be satisfied! My hat is off to the good folks at BulzEyePro!"
    --- Charles B., Ohio, USA
  • "I just took delivery of my new Gorham X-90 rifle and fitted a March 40x scope and the BulzEyePro® Universal 3X booster. Not sure how I would do without having any practice, but I sighted it in and shot a personal best group of .218. Then in the afternoon, shot a perfect 250/250 with 11x (another personal best). For a 71-year-old who can't see without strong spectacles, I am shooting without any eyeglasses and feel most comfortable with being able to see both the reticule and the target - both as clear as crystal. Many thanks for your great product."
    --- Bill Andrews, NSW, Australia
  • (above)" Photo of myself and my son from the Jerome 100-Yard bench-rest shoot. I shot a perfect score - 25 shots all in bullseye taking first place, my son came in second place. We both used your Optical Boosters, me with the new 5X and my son with the 3X. If you look close enough, you can see the Optical Boosters on the scopes. I wont be shooting without them!"

    "UPDATE: Thanks again! Just won the second in a row 100-yard bench rest shoot here in Jerome, Idaho. 5X Booster on a Bausch & Lomb 4200 - 36X scope shooting a 30 BR rifle. (15-30 mile per hour winds at the event.)" --- John P. and son, ID, USA
  • "I am the European Champion 2014 and the Italian Champion 2014 (3 times Italian Champion 2011,2013,2014). I won the European Championship using the BulzEyePro Optical Booster 3x Multi-Coat for my Leupold Competition 45x. I would like to try other version to use for another Leupold Competition 45x will use in my new rifle for the next season of Field Target."
    --- Gianni Fabianelli, Italy
  • "Thank you for your sponsorship of the Southfork Rifle Club's ground hog shoot. The Western PA Long Range Ground Hog Shoot was held this weekend, Sept 28 and 29. I quickly noticed several shooters using your product. I spoke to some and they all praised your product. In the future I intend to purchase one for my self. Thank you again for keeping the shooting sports alive in Pennsylvania. "
    --- Keith K., PA, USA
  • "Used the BulzEyePro® Optical Booster in my first match this year. The conditions were bad with lots of fog and rain. Competitors without the BulzEyePro® booster could not see the targets clearly and their scores suffered. I had no problem, the X-ring was clear and I scored a clean 200 at 200 yards and won the match."
    --- Bud L., WA, USA
  • "Over the weekend we had a youth shoot and the students were able to try out your Optical Boosters. We let the students shoot without them and then with them to show the difference. The students and adults were impressed. I have attached a photo of some of the participants that attended our shoot that day. We also have your picture posted at our club. So a BIG THANK YOU for your support of our club."
    --- Yough Outdoors Club, Yough School District, PA, USA
  • "A few years ago I purchased a 3X Optical Booster for my 45x-45 Leopold. I am in the early stages of cataracts and will have to wait for the right time to remove them. A hole at 100 yards can be seen, but I could not determine how big, how many holes, etc., I was looking at. I decided to put on your booster and see if it would help. Boy did it help! I would like to recommend to anyone who has cataracts that your booster is allowing me to see what I could not see without the booster. I thought I was going to be out of the game for a while but with your booster I'm back."
    --- John M., MO, USA
  • "The 3X that you sent worked fine. 30% increase in power and clarity much better. A little less eye relief, but okay. Scope focus a 1/4 turn from all the way in. Burris Black Diamond 8x32, Gun Savage 16 7mm WSM. At first not working with my 308 Nikon 6x20. Loose fit, but much clearer. I added two O-rings to my Nikon and that worked. Great improvement - much clearer 35% magnification. Now let me at those prairie dogs."
    --- Wayne J., AZ, USA
  • "Got the booster last night and put it to the test this morning. It magnifies the cross hairs to the point that it doesn't look like there will be a need for me to use glasses. Also it boosts the power quite a bit. Over all it looks like I will be able to see a lot better which should improve my groups. Today was my first match with the lens and I shot the best group ever. 600 yds 2-5/8" five shot. Good enough to win today's match."
    --- Edward S., Mosinee, WI, USA
  • "Many thanks to the folks at BulzEyePro®. The booster was just what I was hoping it would be. I have several 6-24x Bushnell 4200 Elites that I use to shoot Silhouette. Having shot at 24X for awhile now I was looking to get something closer to 30X to make those animals a little bigger! Not wanting to re-tool all my glass with Leupold FXIII's I order a booster to try. After shooting a half dozen matches now with them I am very impressed as are others at my club. Now I still have variable ability with the scope I like, but at a higher magnification. These will be recommended by myself to anyone looking for some extra juice for your current glass. I was worried about losing clarity but I can not say the I notice any loss once everything is adjusted to your eye."
    --- Daniel A., Louisiana, USA
  • Nightforce scope with BulzEyePro Optical BoosterShooting at Quantico "I used the lenses you sent me at Quantico over the weekend. They both worked great. I like the screw-in type better, as I can still use my Butler Creek flip caps to keep them clean. I used the screw type in my AR50 and the rubber cap type on my McMillan lite 50. I didn't get beaned with either rifle using them, so it was all good. I gave a shooter your info at the match. He and his father are heading to Raton New Mexico next week... They were impressed with the clarity of your product and how much clearer the target was with it installed,compared to the regular sight pic. Thanks for making a great product."
    --- Steve Carey, USA
  • "Got my BulzEyePro® booster today and it is amazing!!! After significant vision loss from Optic Neuritis, I thought my days of shooting tight groups were over. Not anymore! Thanks to the BulzEyePro® booster I can see the scope reticle clearly. Thanks you so much!!! I will be ordering several more to fit all my rifles."
    --- Dave Stuck, Michigan, USA
  • Nightforce scope with BulzEyePro Optical BoosterLonnie Hummel, Hornady Mfg. Co. "I was a little skeptical about what the BulzEyePro® Optical Booster was suppose to do at first... The BulzEyePro® Optical Booster has now become a standard part that sits on the eyepiece of my Nightforce scopes. I feel that it has improved my 1000-yd. groups and I have obtained a second booster so that I do not have to swap from light gun to heavy gun scope while shooting the IBS 1000-yd. benchrest matches. I am very impressed with its brightness, clarity, and magnification. Thanks for a great product!"
    --- Lonnie Hummel, Tech Services & Custom Die Sales
    Hornady Mfg. Co., Nebraska, USA
  • "Congratulations on an excellent product."
    --- Galo Aguilera, F-Class Spanish team shooting - Spain
  • "I put it on my Sightron 6x24 scope and shot a group at 500 meters with my Savage 6BR. The clarity is great and it does magnify the entire picture. For these 60 year old eyes that really helps...I think we chose the correct lens for this scope because with the cross-hair adjustment turned all the way in and your booster lens in place the cross-hairs are nice and sharp without turning the adjustment knob."
    --- Wayne Chmielecki - USA
  • "I received my BulzEyePro® All-Competition Series Optical Boosters in Factory-Look Housing. I tried it on 6 of my Leupold scopes, and it appears to work great. I don't have to wear my damn glasses to get a clear reticle and target picture. Haven't shot any of the rifles yet, but if it shoots as good as it looks, I'll be happy."
    --- Dave Miles - USA
  • "The Optical Boosters worked a treat... I just won the UK Rimfire Nationals (50-Metre LV Gold, Unlimited 50-Metre Gold and Aggregate Cup) and got a gold in the air rifle class, too."
    --- Carl Boswell - United Kingdom
  • "I purchased the 4x multi-coated booster and am using it on my Sightron 36x scope. For the first time in my life, I am able to see 6mm bullet holes at 500 yards consistently. The Optical Booster is a wonderful product."
    --- Jack Neale - Pennsylvania, USA
  • "I have been happy with the 3X and 4X that I already have, and I will probably be ordering another one for my Nightforce soon... The boosters are great for an old guy like me, and I will probably end up with one on each of my scopes."
    --- Gerhardt Nordmann, retired officer - Indiana, USA
  • Closeup of group shot using BulzEyePro Optical BoosterImage submitted by Earl Fairman "3X booster is awesome. We use it on our long range varmint rifles. When shooting at 600 to 1000 yards you have no other option but to use a BulzEyePro® booster. YOU CAN'T HIT WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE. Great product. Recent 100 yard group shot with BulzEyePro® Booster (see photo). Even a house Fly is in trouble!"
    --- Earl Fairman - Pennsylvania, USA
  • "I have tested Booster #3 on my S/Bender 4x16x50 with Varmint reticle (mil dots fine) with side Parallax and am really happy with the performance. The reticle dots stand out very well and I am seeing things a lot better at 200-yd targets. I am very happy with the fact that it is superb on the 22ppc with Varmint scope. Thank you very much for a really good product."
    --- Ian Davidson - Scotland
  • "Just made the longest shot of my life on a distance groundhog, 906 yards using 6.5 x 284 caliber. I used a Leupold 8.5 x 25 scope with a BulzEyePro® 3X booster. I would never have seen the hog so well without the booster.
    --- Mike Script - Pennsylvania, USA
  • "My problem at this rifle range and this distance is the very bright fluorescent lighting used. This, along with the highly reflective white targets the club supplies have always given me a problem with eyestrain and holding focus for any length of time. Once I adjusted the eyepiece to give me a parallax free reticule I took a look down the scope at a target. Wow!!! what a difference, the X on our targets is 2mm diameter and I could comfortably move the 1/8" target dot around in this circle. The targets were slightly darker, but not by much and I was able to shoot the whole card without any eyestrain or loss of focus, something that hasn't happened for a long time."
    --- Brian Kelly - United Kingdom
  • "Like most people in this shooting game, and especially in rimfire, we are always looking for something that will give us that little extra edge. I've tried most of these things with varying degrees of success, some OK, some downright rubbish. I can honestly say, that your lens, although not cheap, is quality through and through and I highly recommend it to anyone."
    --- Brian Kelly - United Kingdom
  • "This [ordering] went perfectly and easily (much easier than I could imagine). Thank you again."
    --- Sakari Keckman - Finland
  • "Saw an article about you at 6mmbr.com and it reminded me to let you know how my plan worked out with the lens for my astigmatism in your optical booster housing. The cross hair is a bit skewed but it works great for my eye problem. I don't have to wear glasses or contacts anymore and the cross hair is nice and crisp again. The lens that was made-up for my eye cost me R 750 ($100). Thanks for a great product."
    --- Kerneels Beukes - Bonnievielle, South Africa [ Editor's note: BulzEyePro® can make custom lenses for any prescription. Please use our contact page to inquire. ]
  • "I am a 73-year-old 1,000 yd BR shooter, and I bought a BulzEyePro®'s 3X last winter to try at my first Iowa match this year. ...I liked the view so much that I am going to buy a few more and I will be looking at any new optical products that BulzEyePro® comes out with."
    --- Gerry Nordmann, USA
  • "I've had a couple of chances now to try BulzEyePro®'s booster on the T36 and it's just marvelous. I'm used to dealing with astronomical "scopes" and I was a little concerned about boosting the scope above 40X, as I thought the image would start to darken appreciably. But, not a problem. I can tell the booster is there, but there is little degradation of the image and darkening is almost nil. A great product."
    --- Doug
  • "I have one of BulzEyePro®'s boosters on my T-36 and I really like it. I forgot to put it on at the last match during warm up, and as soon as I looked through the scope, I thought I'd gone blind or something. I couldn't believe how used to it I had gotten until it wasn't there. It really helps!"
    --- Colt .45
  • Hunter using BulzEyePro Optical BoosterGary A. Grant "I got the 3X Booster and used it at a groundhog shoot this weekend. It worked fine."
    --- Gary A. Grant
  • "I think my 65-year old eyes can use all the help they can get. In some things size does matter... and bigger is always better."
    --- Doug
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