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BulzEyePro ® All-Handgun EER Series Optical Boosters
in Universal Housing

The ORIGINAL Optical Booster™ for Handguns

Standard Universal Housing with EER Lens view larger

Don't be fooled by imitations! The original BulzEyePro® Optical Boosters™ are packaged as shown in either the example above or below. If you have purchased a BulzEyePro® Booster and it was not in either packaging shown, please contact us.

The All-Handgun EER Series booster offers sight picture boost for extended eye relief scopes. These boosters also offer reduced eye relief from 24 inches to 6 inches depending on the lens selected. This is excellent for handguns, in conjunction with satisfying all handgun disciplines, such as silhouette shooting, Creedmore, and hunting, to name a few.

In addition, many hunters prefer compact and lightweight hunting rifles. Put a handgun scope with an All-Handgun Optical Booster™ on your favorite hunting rifle for a great sight picture and reduced weight. (Try it... you'll like it!) The scope's image will be magnified without changing your field of view

Our All-Handgun EER Lenses are sold installed in the BulzEyePro Optical Booster™ Universal Housing.

Handgun scope boosters will decrease eye relief. The higher the number, the more the decrease. Anyone interested in handgun scopes should use the recommendation inquiry form before ordering.

  • Proprietary combination compound, injection molded housing
  • Withstands extreme temperatures and remains pliable
  • Extreme boost with unique anti-mirage and parallax properties
  • Premium multi-coat sandwiched polycarbonates
  • Sight image is larger, closer, brighter, and clearer
  • Does not affect scope warranty
  • Fits any scope - just stretch it on
  • 110% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

S = Standard Universal Housing: Fits all scopes with 1.5 to 1.75-inch dia eyepiece


All-Handgun EER Series Boosters
Shipped with lens installed in our Universal Housing (fits all scopes)

Standard Universal Housing
Fits all scopes with 1.5 to 1.75-inch dia eyepiece
Booster with
+ Multi-Coat EER Lens
(For indoor and
outdoor shooting)
1.5C-S-AH = $130.00
2C-S-AH = $130.00
2.5C-S-AH = $130.00
3C-S-AH = $140.00
3.5C-S-AH = $150.00
4C-S-AH = $160.00
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Our Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your BulzEyePro® Optical Booster™ for any reason, simply return the booster within 45 days of the purchase date for a full refund of the item purchase price. (Shipping charges for domestic and International shipments are non-refundable.)

Returns must be made to the merchant from which you originally purchased.

If your purchase was made through the BulzEyePro® website, please send your return to:
1069 South Belfast Avenue
Augusta, ME 04330
*Please note: Be sure to include your telephone number.

IMPORTANT: Products returned for refund must be shipped within 45 days of purchase, with the original packaging (as shown in photo at left), or a refund will not be provided. BulzEyePro® is not responsible for return items lost during shipment. PayPal purchases will be refunded through PayPal.

Lifetime Warranty for Defects

Defective items returned for replacement do not need original packaging. Please ship to the address indicated above.


Profits from BulzEyePro® products are donated to Camp Stand Down Lives, Inc., a U.S. veteran's service organization dedicated to giving veterans a "hand up", not a handout. Learn more about Camp Stand Down or make a donation.

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